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branding & consultation

I want to begin by thanking you, for your authenticity, creativity & vision.
If you are here, it means you have big ideas & I would be honored to collaborate with
you, to bring them to life. I offer full-service design, from logos, to websites & everything in between. Have a look around & let's connect.

logo design.


collateral design.

website design.

the logo process in 4 simple steps

first, i have developed a list of questions, that help us to define the essence of your business

then we move into black & white logo drafts

once we have decided on a direction, we will work together to fine tune your logo & add color

from there i will collect final files for both
print & web

then we move into branding...

great! you have a logo you love, but how
does that translate into your brand?

developing a brand is about consistency.

deciding how the logo is used, which fonts are used & a brand color palette are essential.

what does your social media environment
feel like?

what is your message?

how will this logo & brand translate into your product or service?

these are the tools you use to tell people about your business -- business cards, flyers, brochures, magazines, etc. 

after developing your logo & the structure of your brand, collateral design becomes easy.


i work with my clients to create systems that they can run going forward. some examples of this are editable online templates & social media support.

there is so much noise & clutter in our world today. when designing websites, i prefer to provide an online space that feels inviting & inspires its visitors to stick around.

while i have worked in many design platforms over the years, i prefer to design sites that are user friendly & easily editable, providing templates & a foundation for your business to grow from.

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