publication design & launch marketing

first & foremost, thank you for sharing your gifts with the world.
you have a story to tell, & i am grateful for your voice.

for the last 15 years i have been blessed to work with many indie publishers & authors
to develop more than 30 titles. through this experience, i have learned valuable insight into the publishing process, from cover design to book promotion, i will support you through it all.

let's dive in.


cover design

when designing a cover, it is important to consider: 


who your reader is?

what genre your book belongs in?


how will your book stand out among the crowd?

can we judge your book by its cover?


layout design

reading a book is an experience. we want to consider


how does the book feel in your hand? 


how can layout & font choices help to set the tone for the story? 


web presence

great! you wrote a book, but...

how will we present this gift to the world?


how do we invite others to read it?


what are your goals for this book?

what platforms are best for your market?

what will your web presence look like?


launch & promo

social media, influencers goodreads, amazon, giveaways, book awards, newsletters,

promotions, book signings, publicity...

it's all so much.

where do we begin?

with indie & self publishing, there is a lot to consider, but it doesn't have to be overwhelming.
i have developed a grounded approach to book publishing & would love to help you through it.