In over a decade of research and studying, I have developed documentation and materials to support other early childhood programs and the parents within their communities. I have facilitated trainings, workshops, classes, community gatherings and classroom mentoring. Below are some of the programs I have developed. I will create custom trainings based on your interests as well. For more information, contact me at

other topics include

  • team building

  • toddler behavior

  • gentle caregiving

  • the power of observation

creating intentional environments

I will work with you in your classroom to create well-defined, engaging environments that call your children in and inspire them to explore the materials provided. I will work with the program director to create welcoming and aesthetically pleasing community spaces.

the rights of the children

We will explore the rights of the children in your program. What rights do you feel children have? How do we strengthen our image of the child? How do we work to honor the rights of the children? How do we reflect these rights in our classrooms and mentor our peers, parents and other children?

provocation - messing about

This program will include a set of Reggio inspired provocations for your staff to explore. It will be followed with discussion. How to facilitate provocation? How do we invite children into provocations? What is the importance of messing about? How do we use loose parts safely with small children? How do we use provocations to shape our curriculum?

emergent curriculum

What is emergent curriculum? How do we facilitate this curriculum? How do we use observation to write the course of our day? Our month? Our year? How much more meaningful can learning be if the children are designing their own experiences? We will explore a authentic moments from my classroom and watch them unfold into long term investigations.

100 languages - loose parts

What are the hundred languages? How can we use loose parts for learning? We will talk about storage solutions, how to find materials, how to facilitate open ended learning and the importance of loose parts in the classroom. We will explore loose parts as educators and talk about our learning.


How do we create meaningful documentation? Where do we begin? How do invite our community to participate? What is the importance of documentation? To educators? To our communities? To the children? We will explore these topics, as well as helpful hints and tricks to creating engaging documentation.